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GOF Oil is committed to Zero hurt and ensures all activities are carried out in a manner whichdoes not impact the health and safety of personnel and negatively impacting the environment.GOF has recorded 230,064 Man-hours LTI free operations since 2012 till date. (See statistics below)

HSE Policy

GOF Oil Integrated Development Ltd. recognizes that under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) it has a legal duty to ensure, so far as reasonably practical, the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, members of the public and all users affected by its operation.

The Directors of this company accept this duty, and it will continue to be the policy of the Company, as it has always been, to give the greatest importance to these matters, considering that safety is a management responsibility at least equal to that of any other function. It is equally the legal duty of every employee to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions and to co-operate with management on the safety, health and welfare of employees as a whole. Successful Health and Safety management and control will lead to a successful business environment. GOF Oil Integrated Development Ltd. has appointed the Managing Director as having overall responsibility for matters of Health, Safety and Environment.

The Company will see that all personnel are competent to carry out the duties required of them. To achieve the necessary degree of competency, the Company will ensure that adequate support (financial or otherwise) is available to provide information, instruction, training and supervision. Health and Safety performance measurement will be carried out. Health and Safety assistance will come from the internally as well as from outside sources such as the Health & Safety Executive and other industry experts.

The management of the Company believe that, given such care and co-operation by its employees, it is possible for it to conduct its operations in such a way that injury to employees, and loss or damage to property can be reduced to a minimum. To achieve this the Company will continue to participate in joint consultation, to provide the necessary equipment and resources and to regularly check and review its Safety Organisation including the Health & Safety Policy document which as a minimum will be updated annually. The H & S Policy document will be communicated to all employees and they will be consulted on its continued application.

The Company is sufficiently competent to carry out its undertakings without incurring undue risk and to comply with all the relevant statutory provisions. In compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (1994), it is well resourced to actively and effectively manage health and safety matters. Resources include the necessary plant, machinery, Technical facilities, trained personnel and time to fulfill its obligations.