Pressure Testing & Certification
NDT Inspection & Evaluation

Equipment Sales and Rental

Supplies and Rentals of Pumps, flowline equipment, compressors

Equipment Hire & Sales

GOF Integrated Development Limited also provides hire of calibrated test equipment and sales service. GOF offers very competitive prices on equipment for hire and purchase.


Equipment available for hire includes:

Calibrated pressure Gauges
Calibrated Chart recorders
Calibrated Temperature Recorders
Pressure pumps
Dessicant Driers
Vacuum Pumps
Torque equipment
Test flanges and spades
Pressure hoses

Equipment sales include:

Pressure Gauges
Pressure Recorders
Temperature Recorders
Pressure Transducers
Recorder charts

Hire test and calibration equipment

We provide engineers, local authorities and industrial businesses with a comprehensive range of hand-held test and measurement instruments for a mixture of calibration purposes. Each of our calibration products are suitable for workshop and field use, providing you with the flexibility you need when it comes to completing your assignments.
Our calibration instruments are fully tested with manuals and certified for use.