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NDT Inspection & Evaluation

About Us


Trust, Quality & Knowledge

GOF OIL is an accredited and independently owned organization  that focuses on the provision of reliable and quality assured services at all time.
We are strategically located in the heart of Port Harcourt.
We provide both site-based  and workshop based services in hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing of pipes, hoses, valves, fittings and vessels as well as pipeline testing. NDT inspection on all lifting equipment and welded joints.

GOF OIL has an accredited state of the art calibration laboratory for her quality calibration and repairs of pressure and temperature instruments.

GOIL OIL personnel are well experienced and skilled to provide practical solutions to all your oil and gas problems through her extensive in-house training and on site experience.

GOF OIL has remained an industry leader through the adoption of recognized best practices in her processes.

GOF’s staffis highly regarded within the industry and be highly sought after as team members by other companies. GOF’s people feel secure in the fact that they are a valued and respected member of the team, with individual needs and ideas that are heard and respected by management. They will also know that they can rely on the support of other team members when it is needed.

Our clients will benefit from the positive approach that is nurtured within GOF and the increased levels of direct and indirect training at all levels of GOF personnel

Innovative Approach And Continuous Improvement

At GOF OIL, research and utilization of new and innovative technologies, systems and procedures to assist our clients and make us a better organization are encouraged.

Management also ensures that a system of continuous improvement to both the organization’s processes and personnel’s capabilities are in place.

Our Culture:


GOF OIL personnelare well respected within the oil and gas industry and are highly sought after as team members by other companies. Our personnel are well valued and are good team players.

Our organizational culture ensures that clients expectations are always met through our positive approach to work. This is made possible through the commitment of management by ensuring that our personnel undergo continuous training to enhance their capabilities.

Loyalty and Support

This will allow our team members to feel secure in their dealings with (and for) GOF. In return we expect to build loyalty within our team and an environment where people can feel safe to grow without fear of failure or reprimand.

It will also allow our customers to enter into lasting alliances with GOF secure in the knowledge that we can be counted on to be there when needed.

Accountability and Openness

This will build trust both within our team and client base. Our team and clients will feel secure in their dealings with GOF, knowing that we can be approached on any issue.